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    A few recommendations on products we currently use and love, applications and websites that help drive your online business to success.

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  • Canva Pro

    Canva.com offers everyone the chance to produce professional, beautiful graphics without having to buy or learn to use expensive design software.
    Canva Pro offers an upgrade to enhanced effects for images like resizing, removing background and filters, plus additional images, more fonts, templates and advanced tools like Brand Kits, Social Planning and increased cloud storage.

  • Website Building Tools - History and Today

    We have been building websites since raw HTML was the norm and Javascript was new.

    Strikingly. Certified in Macromedia Dreamweaver, a ground-breaking product that was later bought out by Adobe, along with Fireworks (#fave) and Flash. Other common programs of the era included Microsoft Frontpage (#yikes), Adobe PageMill (getting there), BBEdit (#fave), Coffee Cup and even #Netscape Composer. All of this on the most adorable iMac all-in-one computers.


    Then the world moved to CMS systems, separating content from design with databases and templates. We fell in love with Joomla and eventually hosted all our sites on Siteground, one of the most reliable hosting companies around offering sturdy support, fast site loading and a robust set of options and tools.


    Trucking right along, there was less of a need for maintaining CMS plugins and updates and more of a need for quick, quality web page updating. Pick a template, layout some pages and use the site to distribute information, collect data and sell products. Or even just to express feelings, share knowledge and outline ideas in a simple to use blog. For that, thank Julia Slike for introducing us to Strikingly (#aha) in her free marketing course, where we learned how to set-up the simplest online store and build a beautiful website in just a few hours. Now that's hard to beat.


    Strikingly is an amazing online webpage building service that lets you easily create a blog, shop or web page. Optimised for mobile and extremely easy to use, Strikingly offers 24/7 support in multiple languages from its "Happiness Officers". Choose from a free plan plus 2 other levels to meet your needs at great prices.

  • Links

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    What's Trending in Type - reviews on fonts, useful "LookBooks" to help you get your branding just right.




    Do the Right Ting


    “Do The Right Ting!” is a movement to unite, educate, and empower Bahamians around Integrity and Anti-corruption and build a nation where communities can trust their government, their businesses, their members, and each other.



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    Canva Pro






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