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Potholes Are Not Your Call


When I need to feel better about myself, I try to "feed my mind" something positive. It can be motivational like Joel Osteen, inspiring like The Secret, educational like Napoleon Hill or the Prosperity Consciousness or sometimes spiritual, like TD Jakes.

The point is to replace negative thoughts, feelings of depression/sadness/anger, bad thoughts about others, feelings of insecurity or self-doubt, even feeling fat/ugly/stupid, replace those thoughts with anything positive. It is a distraction that serves the dual purpose of mental reprogramming.

So what if you made a mistake? Usually, we feel bad because of what others think. But everyone has their own drama, their own mistakes, their own bullshit, and at the end of the day they like just as big a loser anyone else. So what? Clearly that is part of being a human. If it were not supposed to be so, then we would be missing certain emotions and not feel emotional anguish. The human experience is unique in the spiritual journey, and before we came here, we chose this experience to teach us something.

Today, I needed to feel loved and accepted although I falter. Nothing major, just one of these days. So I listened to TD Jakes and this is what he said:

He gives you a Pothole experience, so that He can separate the parts of you that will never be functional and cannot be used, and your pure gold can be shown. It is a painful place, a tearful place and it can last for more than a day, a week, a month. He said you can't go anywhere with that attitude and I ordered this Pothole.The steps of a good man are ordered by the lord... and the Potholes are too. The same God that orders your steps orders your Potholes. He knows when to stop you, to take you to a threshing floor to get you ready for the next wave of glory.

How can you say God has me right where he wants me? When I have never been this miserable, and I have never been this sad and I've never been this depressed, and I've never been this lonely, and I've never been this empty?

God's script is made perfect in weakness and when this is over, God is going to get some glory out of you.

This ain't nothing but a Pothole. You been crying about it. You been worried about it. You been sitting up all night in torment about it. Thinking you gon lose your mind, thinking you are never gonna get up out of it, thinking that you can't make a comeback.

The devil is a liar.

This is nothing but a Pothole. A divinely arranged, strategically planned, Holy Ghost orchestrated, Pothole in your life and when the threshing is over you shall come forth as pure gold.

You can't see anything when you are in the Pothole. What you should do in a Pothole instead of trying to look good for people, and show them how nothing bothers you, is stand still and know that He is God. Hold your peace, for the battle is not yours. Stand Still.

Stuff dies, so new things can be born.

You may get a pothole, but someone else gets an earthquake. Or maybe it is you who

got the earthquake.

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