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Modern Goddess

Life is a highway, stretching from the start all the way to the light at the end of the tunnel.

We learn, we grow, we fall, we rise and along the way we gather knowledge and strength. Women in particular are mysterious beings, possessing a common thread that sews together the emotional, cerebral and physical elements of life. Femininity combined with mental fortitude, accented with intuition and burnished with education has the potential to yield a modern goddess who is smart, self-assured and capable of creating anything from new human life to wonderful art to computer programs to physical inventions.

Here, we believe in the Law of Attraction and also the 48 Laws of Power.

Goddess wise but ever seeking wisdom, women who raise children even as we seek to raise our consciousness. It is indeed a man's world but here we are too, caught in the dance that our maternal ancestors before us have waltzed for time eternal. A modern goddess has her own power, carves her own path and knows how to create and seize opportunities, all while using her advantages and brainpower to become a better person.

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