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BAHAMAS, a German Magazine

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Did you know? BAHAMAS is the name of a fiercely political magazine based in Germany. According to Wikipedia, the "core values of the magazine are that criticism of capitalism is only "emancipatory" if it is based on a theoretical insight into the "fetishism" of the capitalist relations of production and if the progressive achievements of liberal bourgeois society, namely the emancipation of the individual from primitive life forms and collectives, is affirmed and carried further."

Why is a German political publication called BAHAMAS, of all things? 

Wikipedia states, "Bahamas was founded in 1992 in Hamburg by the minority fraction of the dissolved Communist League (KB), named "group K". It emerged from the 1990s dispute within the KB about the position on the emerging reunification of Germany. While KB's majority current merged with the Eastern German Communist Party renamed Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), focusing on social opposition to the consequences of the expected restoration of capitalism, the KB minority expected a renewed German nationalism, the resurgence of racism, anti-Semitism and historical revisionism, which would lead to new German power ambitions and therefore focused on radically opposing reunification of the German state.

Their pessimistic outlook led them to suggest they would "emigrate to the Bahamas", in an argument to Knut Mellenthin, a prominent spokesman for the majority faction. "Bahamas" quickly became the name of their main publication organ."

What a mouthful of philosophical concepts! Here is one of the recent articles:

"Disease prevention as a global healing process is what both authoritarian protectors of life and anti-state freedom heroes yearn for. Justus Wertmüller explains what is to be seen as the inevitable basis for criticizing the Corona emergency measures."

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