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    Today we offer professional Content Writing and Copywriting services in specific niches: the Food Industry and Marketing.

    Content Writing products are distilled from years of marketing and writing services for corporations, non-profit organisations, restaurants, small business, brands, press events, magazines, industry publications, email newsletters and website content


  • Still Around... Marketing History

    Circa the year 2000, westarted true boutique marketing company. The New Breed & Starvibes Entertainment Company was a partnership where we were trailblazers, serial entrepreneurs, writers and friends, unafraid to try, always learning, forever reaching and grabbing every moment of our lives with integrity and passion. We became professionals through these experiences.

    TNB Marketing was a niche marketing company that offered professional creative services to select clients on a referral basis, including graphic design, web design, content creation, new media, public relations, advertising, sales, consulting, event management, media coverage and more.

    Our marketing clients included alcohol brands, legal services, large events and local businesses for everything from business cards to SMS promotions to press events. We worked with local companies such as include Burns House Group, Bacardi, Bristol Cellars, BTC, Texaco International, More 94.9FM, Island FM, Harl Taylor Bag, Diageo Brands, Aetos Holdings (Marco’s Pizza), Marley Resort, Tuff Gong International and many more. All aspects of the business were handled in-house including accounting, project management, installation and delivery, and we worked with print houses in Nassau and South Florida for print jobs such as banners, fliers, vinyl and promotional products.


    Services included consultation, branding, graphic design, web design, advertising, public relations, signage & banners, print media, radio & TV, direct sales, sales strategy, text marketing, email marketing, event planning and project management.


    Be encouraged, and stay smart.

    Starvibes Entertainment Report

    Our flagship product was the Starvibes Entertainment Report, our online magazine centred around everything entertainment - music, cocktails and most importantly events. Our journalistic journey had us attending just about every local event, taking photos and writing reviews on parties, concerts and club openings. Customers could buy into the life with online advertising, email blasts, editorial inclusion and graphic design.

    • Email Newsletter sent out weekly to thousands of subscribers
    • Radio Entertainment Report on Island FM
    • Printed Entertainment Report in the Nassau Guardian newspaper
    • Entertainment News provided to the Bahamas @ Sunrise television news program


    Life is a journey, a fantastic highway stretching from where you start all the way to the light at the end of the tunnel. We learn, we grow, we fall, we rise and along the way we gather knowledge and strength. Women in particular are mysterious beings, possessing a common thread that sews together the emotional, cerebral and physical elements of life. Feminity combined with mental fortitude, accented with intuition and burnished with education has the potential to yield a modern goddess who is smart, self-assured and capable of creating anything from new human life to wonderful art to computer programs to physical inventions.


    Here, we believe in the Law of Attraction and also the 48 Laws of Power. We are wise but ever seeking wisdom and we raise children as we seek to raise our consciousness. It is indeed a man's world but we are here too, caught in the dance that maternal ancestors before us have waltzed for time eternal. A modern goddess has her own power, carves her own path and knows how to create and seize opportunities, all while using her advantages and brainpower to become a better person.


    Whether your field is marketing, business, hospitality, construction, politics, maintenance or anything else, you can always do better and you can always learn. This is our philosophy and we aim to educate and entertain you with the visual online presence of a cerebral estate. This site is adult, exciting, encouraging, sexy and domestic sharing the things we love: design, food, deep thoughts, travel and marketing.



    starvibes intellectual: Smart solutions to make your business shine.

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