Services offered include: 

  • Social Media Marketing - content-driven, packaged strategy for your business, product, concept, event or service
  • Editing Services - editing of your content for your presentation, business plan, proposal, blog post, article, term paper etc.
  • Content Writing - professional content, properly edited for your product descriptions, copywriting needs, articles, blog posts etc.
  • Email Marketing - choose from 3 targeted lists


social account set-up
  • facebook/twitter/instagram
  • social images (covers & profile pics) 
  • profile & description
  • keywords + hashtags for SEO 

Word to the wise: If you're going to spend thousands of dollars to set up your new restaurant - stock it with inventory, get staff on the payroll, plan your menu -  then you need to budget for restaurant marketing. What do the most successful restaurants in the world have in common? That's right, Wendy's, McDonalds, KFC plus any number of casual and fine dining restaurants... none of them would have than more than one store if they didn't recognise the importance of marketing.

Branding, promotions, advertising and keeping up with current market trends will keep your name in front of your customer. You cannot afford to invest without the final ingredient of Marketing - the #stardust that will make your concept glow.

If you build it, they will not just simply come... unless you invite them.

HR departments will not take you seriously if you do not present yourself in a serious manner. Move your application to the top of the list with a professionally presented resume or CV.

✪✪ Content Marketing Services include:

  • content editing
  • content creation
  • internet research
  • copywriting
  • internet research
  • web content
  • social media messages

Once you have your content, I can optimise it for SEO including giving you the most relevant hashtags that you can paste into all your social media.

Marketing services include:

  • Social Media Set-up 
  • Editing of Documents
  • Content Writing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • FB Branded Content: Bahamas Page

Accept it. You need to be on Social Media. 

Your customers expect to see those social media icons on your correspondence and when they login to Facebook, they expect your name to show up when they type it in the search bar. This logic applies to new and existing businesses, but also to brands and teams who need to run a campaign to support a promotion. 

socialmediaDo any of these sound familar? These are the brands you need to broadcast your brand to your potential buyers. Today's customers are looking for content to view and share, and the more you can take advantage of this desire, the better you can share a message about your products and services.



Editing Services - editing of your content for your presentation, business plan, proposal, blog post, article, term paper etc.  

Put that extra shine into your work.


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