Your time is spent running your business, so budget for online marketing and watch your profits rise. Increase interest in your company by consistently promoting your products and brand.

The model we offer includes content creation in the form of a blog post or article, plus sharing to relevant social media outlets.

Read on for more info and basic pricing.

Weekly or monthly rates are available. 
Weekly breakdown:
  • one (1) blog post
    • share on our page + your page(s)
    • includes up to three (3) images (stock photography)
    • 2200 words max
    • relevant hashtags - top ten (10)
    • share to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • $250 per week
Add-on $50 for adding 5 images w/captions & hashtags
Add-on $50 for editing your gallery images - add captions & hashtags
Add on $50 for adding Instagram image including captions & hashtags
  • $400 per week
  • $700 for 2 weeks (can be taken separately)
  • $1320 for 4 weeks
FREE E-BOOK: How to use IFTTT to schedule your blog posts and Facebook posts to link automatically to your Twitter