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We are a boutique marketing service offering a customised approach to enacting your best promotional strategy. This is how you put your brand out there - you offer content served in a personal and informative way. It's not just creative ads and catchy jingles anymore. Today's market is saturated with videos and SEO, models and bottles, special effects and selfie sticks exploding clickable creative advertising all over every screen on earth. Your business needs to have its own voice, a place where people can get to know your company and products. The sky - like the world - is huge and full of stars, each one struggling to outshine the next.
You must be the shooting star in order to stand out and shine.
We are here, creating original content to to supplement traditional advertising media. Consider it a new breed of public relations; high quality content used to increase the quality of the traffic to your online information. 
Say you own or work with a company that uses the internet to attract customers. You need to make sure that your website comes up in the first few pages of search engine results, and the best and most organic way to achieve this is to keep adding fresh and useful content to your website. Your brand will be able to utilise an online presence to communicate information to their existing customers as well as the wider target market. The best way to stay in front of customers is with fresh content, and the best way to make sure you have fresh content is to contract someone to create, upload and share your information.
That's where we come in. 
There is so much about your company that needs to be said. All aspects of your products and/or services are fodder for new content, organically connecting with your target market on an interpersonal basis. Every week you can have your website updated with a new article or other new info, and this information posted to your Facebook Page, Twitter accounts, Instagram, Google Plus even LinkedIn and Pinterest. Shareable and visually appealing, linking to your page and working 24-7 to keep your name high in the search engine rankings.


 Time is money, so drop us a line today and Services offered include:
  • Content Writing - professionally written and edited content for your product descriptions, copywriting needs, articles, blog posts etc.

  • Social Media Marketing - content-driven, packaged strategy for your business, product, concept, event or service

  • Editing Services - editing of your content for your presentation, business plan, proposal, blog post, article, printed recipe, essay etc.

  • Email Marketing - choose from 3 targeted lists [ coming ]





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