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 A conversation between two guns: Mr. 9, said to Mr. 45 "M-16 and Magnum nah live too right. German Luger too hype; AK make nuff youth lose them life..."

Buju Banton is one of the most conscious of the conscious reggae artists. In today's lingo, he has been "woke" since the 1990's and has continued to share his revelations over the years with intelligent, relatable music.

"Mr. Nine" is a commentary on the importance that guns play in the ghettos of the world, particularly in Buju's hometown of Jamaica. He mentions many types of guns and perfectly describes them in one short sentence each, and every single name is one that most people will recogise. The message is that we believe that having a gun brings a good life, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.


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